KD rig fools Elphicks forty

DANNY Arnold only received one bite during his five day session on Elphick Fisheries’ Pullen’s Lake, but he certainly wasn’t complaining as it resulted in this new personal best 41lb 6oz mirror.

With a freezing cold easterly wind blowing across the water, the 33-year-old builder positioned his rigs in the only area of the lake which was sheltered from the wind with a hunch that this is where the fish would be held up.

A couple of liners during the first night boosted his confidence but things then went quiet until the fourth day of his trip.

“I had seen nothing the whole time I’d been there and the take came completely out of the blue,” said the Kent-based rod.

“I could tell it was a good fish by the way it was plodding around. It came in relatively easily at first but when I got it closer it was like someone had given it a steroid injection – it powered off and there was nothing I could really do to stop it. After 25 minutes or so I eventually got the better of it and guided it into the net.

“When I booked the session  10 weeks ago I thought I would be fishing in lovely spring like conditions.

Danny’s winning presentation consisted of two pieces of fake corn mounted on a KD Rig tied with 20lb Fox Coretex and a size 8 Arma Point hook. This was offered over a couple of handfuls of mixed particles.

“My previous personal best was 28lb 5oz and I’ve been trying for the last four years to catch my