Its Nets Of Silver Or Gold On Walters Lake

Hidden in the magnificent surroundings of the Cotswolds, Walters Lake on Ridgeway Fisheries is a prolific commercial venue where anglers can enjoy not only huge nets of carp but some excellent silverfish catches too.

This summer visitors have been bagging up on the 73-peg venue with carp nets to 200lb as well as silverfish nets, made up of skimmers and roach to 40lb. The Lake is split into four canals, all connected together with a depth of around 5-6ft and a width of around 17m. The carp in here average around 3lb with the odd lump to 8lb. Good weights of these fish can be caught by fishing the method or bomb tight across with banded pellet, paste or meat on the hook. Alternatively you can fish on the inside ledge as well as right up tight to the near margins, which are all worth targeting at some point during a session. The best anglers here work between two or three lines taking fish from each. A mainline of around 0.12 with black hydro or Preston 15 elastic should be fine for anything you should encounter in here.
There are also tonnes of silverfish which can make for an enjoyable session themselves. To catch these simply feed one or two lines down the middle of the lake or closer at around 4m with caster, simply loose-feed little and often and fish over the top coming off the bottom once the fish get going. You can also use a bit of groundbait to concentrate the fish if you wish. Use a single caster on the hook and wait for the action to begin. However, do not fish too light as carp will more than likely take the bait at some point during your session.

TIP: Plumb –up carefully to find the shelves as these are good fish holding features and knowing where they are is essential when it comes to feeding different swims.

Prices: £8 a day, £5 for children sharing with an adult.
Contact: 01285 860412
Location: Ridgeway Fisheries, Wickwater Lane, South Cerney, Gloucestershire, GL7 5UQ
Facilities: Café, toilets, disabled toilets, bait shop (no casters or maggots), accommodation
Rules: Barbless only, all nets to be dipped on arrival, no floating baits, no bite alarms, no boilies, one rod maximum