Horseshoe Lake bream best is toppled

The bream record at one of the UK’s most famous big-fish waters has been smashed with a 16lb 6oz specimen.

Horseshoe Lake in Gloucestershire is better known for its large carp, rudd and tench – and hasn’t produced a single slab in over four years - so all-rounder Andrew Grimshaw was certainly surprised when he banked the new personal best for the species.

Concentrating his efforts on a clear spot in the weed at 35 yards range, he cast 12mm Baitworks Monster Red hookbaits over the top of a spod mix laced with maggots. It was the addition of these grubs that the Brighton-based rod is convinced attracted the attentions of the historic specimen.

It was the highlight of a prolific four-day session on the Carp Society owned venue, which also produced 25 carp to a best of 28lb. All of his fish were beaten with rigs constructed from 10lb braided hooklinks and size 10 hooks.

“This incredible fish is one of the best I’ve ever caught and I reckon it must be 25-years-old,” Andrew told Angling Times.

“Many carp anglers see this species as a nuisance, but I’ve been an all-rounder for more than four decades and I’m truly delighted . The fact that it is such a rare specimen for this lake makes the capture even more special.”

Elsewhere, Tim Gulliver got in on the big bream action when he banked a trio of double figure fish from a midlands reservoir topped off with an impressive 15lb 2oz specimen.
He kicked off his session with the introduction of a bed of mixed particles and ellipse pellets from Blakes Baits then cast lobworm hookbaits over the top.

The Daventry-based rod’s catch - which also included bream weighing 12lb 8oz, 11lb and 8lb - was taken from a gap between two weed beds at 80 yards range.

“The weed here is really thick so I’ve been using lead clip systems that drop the weight as soon as a fish is hooked. This is vital because I’ve lost big fish in the weed due to the lead getting snagged up in the past,” said Tim, who used 15lb Drennan Strip Teaze hooklinks attached to size 12 Gardner hooks.