Great month crowned by 48lb mirror

Bait baron Mark Casper topped an excellent September on Roach Pit with this 48lb 2oz mirror.

The Specialized Hook Baits owner managed a brace of 40s earlier in the month before the big girl came along in the early morning fog a few weeks later.

Having been part of the syndicate on the well-known Hampshire venue since April, Mark has gone on land 17 carp from the 27-acre water.

“I caught the 48 at about 4am in thick fog on a yet-to-be-released Specialized Hook Baits S3 bottom bait barrel, which was fished over a large bed of fermented garlic hemp on a shallow gravel feature at 35 yards.

“I used an Ace Razor Point BBP size 6 hook, tied to five inches of the 35lb ACE Camo-Core coated hooklink. This was fished with a 4oz lead on an ACE leadclip and 15lb Shimano Technium flourocarbon mainline.”

Mark’s earlier brace of 40s comprised a stunning 44lb 12oz linear and a dark mirror of 41lb 8oz.