Google slammed over licence adverts

The Angling Trust is once again calling on Google to remove ads for websites that charge an administration fee for rod licences.

The Post Office website is the only official source of rod licences, but at least two sites sell the permits for inflated prices. This practice is entirely legal, but many anglers are drawn to adverts for these more expensive sites when searching for rod licences on Google.

The trust claims the adverts were removed after a BBC report on the issue, but have since re-appeared. The Environment Agency is forbidden from advertising rod licences so cannot compete for screen space with these ‘secondary’ websites which can charge an additional £20 for each licence.

Angling Trust chief executive Mark Lloyd said: “We urge Google to do the decent thing and remove these sponsored links to these appalling sites for good.  It is suspicious that the sites were removed when Google’s spokesman was put on the spot on the radio, but then mysteriously re-appeared.”