Four thirties fall in two nights for Warren Fenn

In the space of just two nights on a tough Kent syndicate water Warren Fenn landed four of the lakes’s ‘A-Team’.

The biggest of his haul was a fish known as Yellow Belly’s Mate which tipped the scales at 34lb 8oz and came on the second of two overnight sessions along with the White Tips mirror at 32lb and the Goggle Eyed Common at 32lb 8oz.

Just days later, on his first trip to the water since the spring, he landed a brace of fish – a 19lb common and the Strawberry Common at 32lb 12oz.

“I caught the lake’s biggest resident back in May and I didn’t want to return to the venue until she got caught again as I didn’t want to risk the chance of a recapture,” he told Angling Times. “When I got a text from a mate saying he’d had the big girl I couldn’t resist getting back down there. The weed had grown a lot since my last session but I managed to find the fish pretty quickly and located a clear spot in between two weedbeds where I could intercept them.”

This spot was baited with 2kg of Mainline Activ-8 boilies and the following morning he was able to tick another of his target fish off the list.

“The Strawberry Common is one of the best looking commons I’ve set eyes on – its colours were indescribable. When I left that morning I baited the spot with another 4kg of boilies ready for when I returned a few days later.

“The fish obviously got on the bait and my next trip turned out to be one of the best nights fishing in my whole angling career, nailing three more of the A-Team. With only one more A-Team member to go, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, she’ll slip up and finally be mine completing the full collection,” he added.

All of Warren’s fish were taken on chod rigs incorporating Korda Choddy hooks.