Forty off the top

EDWARD Matthews caught his first ever UK forty in the form of this cracking 41lb mirror off the surface of Acton Burnell Top Lake in Shropshire.

The 32-year-old Korum consultant arrived at the venue late in the afternoon to find six other anglers on, and after a brisk walk round he found a group of fish cruising along the bank which was receiving the least pressure.

“I spodded out some Sonubaits Oily Floaters up wind of the fish and waited for a response,” Ed told Angling Times. “They weren’t too interested and only took the odd one when the breeze died down. I persevered and continued to spod out mixers but the reaction was the same as before.

“With my rod set up and the wind dying down again I could make out a fish bow-waving from left to right across the swim about 50yds out so I cast well beyond the fish and reeled my controller back until my hookbait was on the same line the fish was swimming.”

With a huge eruption of the water the carp took his hookbait straight away and powered off on a 70 yard run.

“I had to apply plenty of pressure to avoid a snag in the lake. Thankfully my tackle held strong  and I managed to turn the fish which then plodded around. Luckily she went in the net on the first attempt and on the scales she went 41lb exactly – beating my UK pb by 3lb and my surface caught best by 7lb.”

Ed’s successful floater rig consisted of a Sonubaits Oily Floater hair-rigged to a size 8 Korum Specialised hook and 11lb Xpert line.