Fishing is Easy at Cob House

With a record match weight of nearly 500lb it is easy to see why Wyatts Pool on Cob House Fisheries is popular with anglers. With full disabled access and big bags of fish, Wyatts is a fantastic water for those who like comfortable days fishing with easy pickings.

Recently anglers visiting the 30-pegged lake, which has depths averaging around 5ft, have been recording nets to 200lb made up of carp averaging around 4lb. Typical commercial tactics work on here so you can choose which tactic you employ but the most successful one seems to be the pellet fished in the margins on the pole. Using the fisheries own pellets simply feed six or so every cast using 4 or 6mm pellets and enjoy the fish a chuck action. The carp also feed shallow here too so if you come up in the water try and use a rig which cocks instantly and steadily build a weight by keeping the feed going in. Tackle wise you should be using  around 12-16 hollow elastic like black hydro with say 0.16mm 5lb line as your mainline. Hooks should be around 14-16 and barbless as per fishery rules.

Laugherne Island Pool is another prolific carp water on the complex but this one features bigger carp averaging around 8lb. It has 39 pegs all of which offer nets to 250lb on a good day. As the name suggests there are three islands on the lake which can be targeted on the long pole or Method feeder. However, if you do fish here don’t ignore the margins too. Alternatively, If you prefer a more mixed bag the fishery has Laurels Lake. This 23 peg water contains tench, bream, carp, crucians and chub all averaging around 1-2lb and these can be caught using pellet, meat or corn on the pole or waggler.

Prices: £7 a day or £6 concessions, evening ticket is £6 from 2pm, breakfast and fish for £9 weekdays only
Facilities: Full disabled access on Wyatts Pool, toilets, café, teaching academy centre
Contact: 01886 888517
Location: Cob House Fisheries, Worcester Road, Wichenford, Worcester, WR6 6YE
Rules: Barbless hooks only – maximum size 8, all weights and feeders must be free running, no nuts, beans, pulses, cat or dog food, no high oil pellets, tinned meats to be used as hookbaits only, fishery own nets, fishery own pellets as feed.