Fishing author asks for help

‘A celebration of Britain's canals,’ is how author Dom Garnett has described his current book project, which aims to be a ‘how to’ guide to methods and species as well as the definitive reference work on manmade waterways across Britain.

"Canals represent a fascinating fishing resource," he said. "There’s over 2,000 miles of water, with endless possibilities for pleasure, match and specimen anglers alike, not to mention a deep nostalgia and rich history."

Touring dozens of waterways from the Highlands of Scotland to the far south of England, Dom's work will feature both picturesque waters and gritty urban settings.
"The aim is to provide the most thorough book ever written on canal fishing, complete with up to date records and info."

Merlin Unwin will publish the work in early spring 2014. In the meantime, Dom is keen to link up with as many clubs and anglers as possible, with a special interest in remarkable or unusual catches, fishery details and colourful tales from towpaths across Britain.

You can contact him at: or 07804 240986