Fishing against the norm pays off with brace of thirties

A THREE-night session for Stuart Moore produced a brace of thirties within minutes of each other.

The Sticky Baits-backed angler tackled Berkshire’s Kingsmead One and took the fish known as Blind Eye at 36lb 10oz and another mirror of 33lb 10oz after deciding to go against the norm of fishing single hookbaits.

Stuart takes up the story: “I was fishing Kingsmead One for a 72-hour session and it had been pretty quiet for a few weeks so I wasn't really expecting much action.

“Through the course of the first night a few fish showed close to my area and I decided to let them have a bit of bait rather than just fish singles like the rest of the anglers seemed to be using.
“I baited to a weedbed at 85 yards with around three to five kilos of 16mm Sticky Baits Vor-Tex and then fished pop-ups over the top.

“The baits were out for around five hours with nothing really doing but at around 4pm another fish stuck it nose out right over the spot and within the next 20 minutes I'd had a take on both rods, resulting in a brace of 30s.

“First a mirror of 33lb 10oz and then Blind Eye at 36lb 10oz. Chuffed is an understatement for this time of the year, especially on Kingsmead One which can be particularly tricky during the winter months.

“Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come this season, it’s been a pretty good start."
Stuart used 12mm Buchu Berry pop-up hookbaits from Sticky Baits and his successful rigs comprised Thinking Anglers leadcore and Gardner Choddy hooks tied to ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament with a 3oz distance lead.