Fisheries staff back to school

A GROUP dedicated to improving fisheries across the UK have launched a series of new training courses to help boost standards in the same week that a top venue owner  claimed 90 per cent of his peers are ‘clueless’ when it comes to managing their complexes.

Officials from the Institute of Fisheries Management (IFM) have created plans to run an in-depth educational programme, with participants able to enhance their knowledge on key topics such as water quality, fish biology and angling law enforcement.

Entrants will be offered a one-year certificate and a two-year degree level diploma recognised by the Open University.

It is a move that Mallory Park Fisheries chief Roy Marlow has welcomed, with the highly regarded figure claiming that the vast majority of people in his position are unaware of even the most basic of management principals.

“So many commercials treat fish like commodities. They stock thousands of carp and when they die they just introduce more and don’t ask questions as to why the problems have started,” he explained.

“I’d say that nine out of 10 owners need to increase their knowledge and will learn an awful lot if they enrol on these courses. It will help them no end when it comes to looking after their waters.” Despite the damning verdict, others have sympathy for the tough task fishery owners are faced with, and Packington Somers boss John Burchell said: “Running a fishery is a big task and I think the IFM’s new courses will help give those in the industry that need a bit of guidance the help they need to enhance their skills.”

IFM head of training Ian Wellby, who has played a major role in designing the courses, said: “A lot of fishery bosses and staff have difficulty in accessing good quality training and this leads to them not being qualified and having to learn on the job.

“There is an obvious need for training in this field and we are investing time and energy to ensure people in the industry have the most up-to-date qualifications and knowledge in their armoury.”

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