Every Peg Is A Winner At Rosemary Wood Fishery

Many anglers shy away from fishing carp dominated commercials because of the mundaneness of fishing the same method week in week out. However, not all fisheries conform to the one tactic rule. One of them is Rosemary wood in Lancashire where nets of 100lb are currently being recorded on Island Pool.

This is a lake where every peg is different and different tactics will work on any given day. The 42-peg mature lake is stuffed with carp to 10lb, averaging around 4-5lb. There are three islands, one of which you can fish from and with plenty of other structures and vegetation anglers have plenty of fish holding features to target. Many of the pegs offer an island to target and these hold some of the big carp. From certain pegs, such as 16, 17 and 18 for example you can even reach the edge on the long pole at around 14m. If you cant then the Method feeder or straight lead will all work. When the weather is cooler use pellets and groundbait in your mix and fish a 6mm pellet on the hook. However, maggots and bread are also worth trying during the winter especially once the water runs clear. The venue fishes well throughout the colder months and 150lb nets after breaking ice are not unknown. For a net of skimmers and bream, fish at 8m on the pole or waggler and fish a 4mm softened pellet over a bed of pellets and groundbait. Don’t ignore the margins as these produce too , even in winter.

The 50-peg Moss Lake contains bigger carp to 28lb making it an attraction for the speci boys but there are tench, bream, roach, ide and tonnes of smaller carp which can make a nice mixed net over 50lb on any cold day. The beauty of this lake is that any tactic can work from pellet waggler to straight lead.
TIP: Bread is an excellent bait to try here after the first frosts. Try liquidised feed and a punched hookbait in the margins for a bonus big carp to 10lb

Prices: £6 one rod, £10 two, concessions £5 one rod, 24 hours on Moss Lake only £20
Location: Rosemary Wood Fishery, Riding Lane, Haskayne, Ormskirk, Lancs, L39 7JD
Contact: 07957 434325, www.rosemarywood.co.uk
Rules: Barbless only, no keepnets, leads and feeders to be free running, no braid, no floating baits, no spinning or livebaiting
Facilities: Toilets, tackle shop, snack shop