Emperor Lakes forty falls to single hookbait

WHEN Craig Sheffield settled down for a two-night session at Emperor Lakes, little did he know he would be cradling a winter 40-pounder just two hours later.

The Plymouth-based rod picked up the new personal best, a fish known as the Moth, from the Carp Lake at the South Devon fishery.

The 41lb 8oz mirror fell right at the start of the 48-hour session, which also produced a 29lb 12oz mirror.

Craig, who spoke to Angling Times as he was packing up, said: “I’ve still got a smile on my face now and I’ll still be smiling when I go to bed tonight.”

He added: “The lake was pretty busy when I arrived so I just bided my time until a few anglers moved off and took my time setting up. About an hour and three quarters after casting out I got the take.”

Both of the 39-year-old bicycle-shop owner’s fish fell to single Solar Club Mix pop-ups cast close to an island.

“It’s not the deepest area of water but I knew fish had been coming out of this half of the lake,” said Craig. “I was using very simple rigs and just fishing with single hookbaits close to an island.

“It was a brilliant session and I have to thank Jo and Dave who run the lake as it’s such a great place to fish.”