Elusive 40lb common taken on freelined bait

Freelining mixers proved devastatingly simple for Richard Earl who used the tactic to bank his third surface-caught 40lb carp.

At 46lb 4oz, the ‘Upfront Common’ from Kingfisher Lake at Wintons Fishery in West Sussex provided the Gloucestershire rod with a new personal best by 4lb.

The 54-year-old business development manager explained: “A mobile stalking approach combined with good fieldcraft played an important part in this capture, as I spent the first day trying to get a take from the large and very wary carp without any luck.

“On day two, tweaks to my rig and bait, combined with a greatly reduced baiting of swims, definitely improved my chances of a hook up. This more stealthy approach ultimately led to the downfall of this common and a new PB for me. This is my third surface-caught 40lb-plus carp, having caught two others from different UK venues.

“Apparently this fish is known as the Upfront Common and the on-site bailiff said this is one of the largest and most sought-after carp on the complex as it only comes out once or twice a year.

“The carp in Kingfisher Lake are pressured from anglers all year round, which makes this capture all the more pleasing as it came on just my second day as a new member.”

Richard used a Fox Floater Special rod and a Shimano Baitrunner spooled with 12lb line straight through to the hair-rigged mixer.