Drop-shotting takes 32 perch to 3lb 9oz best

Dropshotting accounted for 32 specimen perch in an afternoon for Dan Sales and James Stevens.

The duo bagged two three-pounders to 3lb 9oz and reckon 90 per cent of their fish were over the 2lb barrier.

The frantic action took place in a number of swims as the pair roved a section of the River Lea in Hertfordshire.

Dan, who used a Fox Ultron rod and reel and presented a yellow forked-tail lure, said: “The action was pretty widespread. We’d catch one in one swim, a couple in another, and we just worked the river looking for likely spots.

“We know there are bigger perch there and we were hoping for one of the real giants, but a 3lb 9oz fish isn’t to be baulked at. It was a fantastic afternoon’s sport.
“There are three of us who all fish together and share information – when we find fish, we tell each other, and it was James who found these fish.”

Due to the lack of pike in the area, Dan was able to scale his tackle down and used a 6lb fluorocarbon leader, with his lure presented on a size six Drennan Wide Gape Super Specialist hook 2ft from a 7gr weight.

Be patient: “I see lots of people dragging their rigs out of the swim too quickly. Put them on a spot and leave them there as long as you can.”
Provoke a reaction: “Sometimes it was taking us 12 casts to the same spot to get a bite. It’s as if you’re annoying them into taking the lure.”
Yellow and white lures rule: “These are the only two colours I use at the moment in the clear water.”
Find features: “We walked the river looking for likely spots and fished to snags, bridges and near moored boats. We also had a couple of fish from a weir pool.”