Des Taylor to film new fishing TV series

Bosses of a major TV channel have shown their intention to create new angling shows after one of the sport’s biggest stars was approached to present a brand new programme.

Angling Times columnist Des Taylor is widely regarded as one of the most talented and charismatic figures within the industry and has now been charged with creating an entertaining series capable of capturing the imagination of millions.

The news comes just a week after Channel 5 revealed they had hired the services of Chris Tarrant and John Horsey to host a new fishing show.

Although the concept is in the early stages, the currently unannounced TV station is set to commission a pilot in the coming months and Des is confident he can create a unique programme that will draw in a large audience.

“Angling has been short of a new show presented by a true fisherman for years and I believe I am capable of delivering that now,” explained Des.

“I want to appeal to anglers and non-anglers alike and I’m delighted that the makers looked further than the current crop of people who are displaying fishing ‘on the box’ in a slightly false light.”

“I won’t be remodelling myself just to suit a TV show – it will be Des Taylor doing what he does best – fishing at beautiful waters in the UK while allowing my personality to shine through,” he added.

In the meantime, fishermen craving an instant TV fix will get the chance to rewatch Kevin Green’s hit Improve Your Coarse Fishing series.

The highly regarded journalist was editor of the same-titled magazine for over eight years before he sadly passed away after a battle with illness and staff at Discovery Shed are now set to honour his illustrious career by showing several episodes, starting at 10pm on November 1.