Deep water spot produces the goods

A WINDSWEPT Bundy’s Pit produced the perfect Christmas present for Gary Hymers.
This 44lb 8oz common was caught in 45ft of water on a blustery night at the notoriously deep Cambridgeshire venue.

It was a new personal best for the Lincolnshire-based rod and fell on the first night of a 48-hour weekend session just before Christmas.

“I never thought I’d get it in,” said Gary. “Every time I got it up the steep margins it would turn around. It felt a bit weighty but I didn’t know how big it was at the time – I was just glad of a bite at this time of year.”

The 55-year-old panel beater took the fish at about 20 yards range in The Boards swim.  It picked up a Rollin Baits hardened boilie on a Korda N-Trap hooklength and size-eight Korda hook.

Gary said: “I was fishing in about 45ft of water on what felt like a ledge. It was a smooth area with a bit of silt near it. I arrived there at about 3pm and I had the take at 9.30pm.

“When I started there was a south-easterly wind and I was on the back of it. I knew it was changing direction and when it turned around I thought my time was up - but all of a sudden the rod was off.

“It was pitch black and windy so I didn’t really know how big it was until it was on the mat.”