Dedicated angler's six hour commute to fishery by train

Thousands of anglers will claim to be the most dedicated person in the sport – but the title almost certainly belongs to Ken McCormack who travels thousands of miles on public transport to go fishing.

Despite working for Ford for 30-years the Aigburth, Merseyside-based rod has never owned a car or held a driving licence. But this hasn’t prevented him from enjoying his favourite pastime and he insists on getting on the bank at least three times a week regardless of the conditions.

Instead of choosing a water on his doorstep, however, the 66-year-old endures a three hour train journey each way, making a trio of changes at peak times to get to his favourite water - Rufford Meadow Fishery.

His unique approach has even seen him become something of a local celebrity, with commuters instantly recognising him as he moves between platforms laden with a seatbox, carryall and rod bag.

“I just love fishing and I’m willing to do anything to get to venues that I enjoy targeting. I’m always looking for new spots that are close to a train station and doing a six hour round trip each time I go doesn’t faze me at all,” explained Ken.
“There aren’t many people that walk around a busy station with lots of fishing tackle so I’ve become fairly well known with those I share the same journey with,” he added.

Time spent waiting for connecting trains is also spent wisely, with tackle being prepared for the session ahead and he told Angling Times: “I’ll regularly sit on a bench and have all my gear sprawled around me, tying rigs and making sure everything is in place for when I get to my destination.

“People ask why I never learned to drive – especially as I worked for Ford  – but I don’t have any regrets about it and I have no intention of changing my routine.”