Daiwa reveals new gear for 2014

This past year has seen Daiwa embark on a campaign of mid-season launches in the UK – especially reels. Over the past few months the company has introduced the latest TDR, Entoh, Theory, Pro-Caster and Windcast models – oh, and don’t forget the top of the range Air pole and several new rods.

Would the Scotland-based giant have had anything left in its locker for next year? Well, yes. At its first trade show of 2013 it soon became clear that plenty of excellent new fishing tackle had been put in the vaults for next season.

There would be no new flagship pole this time around, as these only appear every three or four years. There was, though, an upgraded Airity pole, slightly lighter and stiffer than the original and with butt sections made from X45 carbon cloth that aids reinforcement to prevent section compression. If you have a tendency to over-enthusiasm when striking then this could be the perfect pole for you.
There was also a brand new 14.5m Match Winner power pole, and a superb new range of mid-priced cult black 12ft and 13ft Whisker DF carp rods, including matching Spod and Marker models.

Matchwinner Pole
Designed with commercials in mind, the new 14.5m Daiwa Matchwinner pole is rated to a size 20 elastic and is ideally suited to both open water and margin tactics.
Constructed from Daiwa’s super dependable high performance MSG multi strand graphite cloth, it features a diamond satin easy glide finish on its eighth, ninth and 10th sections and comes with a spares package compatible with nearly all current Daiwa models.
Price: £999

X45 Airity Pole
The original Airity hardly needed improvement, but Daiwa has re-vamped it with the strategic use of a new X45 construction on key handling areas, creating anti- compression zones that allow for more confident handling.
The new model is also claimed to have an enhanced feel and performance at longer lengths and comes with an amazing eight spare top kits
Promo price: £2,999

Spectron Rods
Striking Spectron rods will replace Daiwa’s Connoisseur collection next year. These include 11ft and 12ft pellet wagglers, two 13ft float rods (one power), and 13ft/15ft and 17ft/20ft river models. There are three feeder rods too – a 9ft/10ft light feeder and bomb, a 10ft/11ft rod that looks ideal for commercials, and a long-casting 12ft/13ft beast that is perfect for heavier set-ups.
Price: £240.99-£350

Whisker DF Carp Rods
Sharing the pedigree of Daiwa’s top-end signature Infinity DF (Danny Fairbrass) carp rods, the latest UK-built Whisker DF range claims a breakthrough in design. Offered in 12ft and 13ft lengths and with 2.75lb, 3lb and 3.5lb test curves, with matching spod and marker rods available, they have a custom-built look and feel that will make them much sought-after next season.
Price: £175-£185

Certate Reels
Certate reels offer a choice of sizes and specifications to handle everything from light lure work with low diameter braids, up to high-speed retrieves for cranking in larger plugs and spinners. The mid-sized 3000-4000 models are widely considered to be the best float and feeder reels available.
Price: £335-£360

Team Daiwa Luggage
Re-designed with the modern Daiwa logo for 2014, the retro black with red piping deluxe range has withstood the test of time. Made from tough PVC-backed nylon, it features durable reinforced plastic bases. Two new carryalls will also be available next year, taking keepnet bags and easily enough bait and tackle for a weekend’s fishing.
Price: £8.99-£64.99

Red Eye Sunglasses
How clever are these polarised sunglasses? They heighten the visibility of red/orange thanks to a special coating, making them especially useful when floatfishing with blaze-coloured float tops. With polycarbonate lenses, they are also highly water repellent.
Price: £49.99

Hyper Sensor Line
This new mono mainline offers a greatly reduced diameter, and more abrasion-resistance over the original Daiwa Sensor line. 
It has improved knot strength too and will cast a long way thanks to its low diameter and super-slick finish. It’s available in bulk or on single-shot 300m spools.
Price: £12.99 (6lb-30lb)
£5.99 (5lb-12lb) 

Seatbox Accessories
This latest D-Tatch system is both  versatile and convenient. It will fit both square and round legs (up to 25mm in diameter) and has a carrier stub that can be left in situ on your seatbox and used with any one of the new accessory fitments such as pole socks and roost, spraybar, keepnet connectors and accessory arms.
Price: £5.99-£13.99

Black Widow Reels
Owning a Daiwa reel, especially in the larger sizes, can work out rather expensive. However, these quite stunning Black Widow freespool models in 3500, 4000, 4500 and 5000 sizes will go some way to dispelling that reservation.  Sharing the same body shape as the popular Emcast models, Black Widows feature Air Bail and Twist Buster line rollers and come with a robust aluminium spool.
Price: £69.99

Morethan Branzino AGS Rod
With the extraordinary high price tag of £999 I doubt that the 10ft Branzino AGS Boat/Surf bass rod will become a ‘must have’ item for most people fishing off Cromer pier. However it is made from Daiwa’s best carbon cloth, weighs just 5.5oz and can boast a set of jaw dropping all-carbon guides which together weigh less than a single standard chrome ring.
Price: £999

Infinity Plateau Bedchair
The top of the range Infinity Plateau is a bedchair of flatbed design that provides the comfort needed for longer sessions.
It comes with a fleece mattress that can be removed for cleaning, and is of lightweight aluminium construction.
Price: £230

Mission Deluxe Bedchair
This new bedchair has a luxurious fixed mattress around a low profile steel frame. Features include a special screw lock back rest with extra legs for added support and spring-loaded leg locks with mudfeet.
Price: £114.99

Gekkabijin LRF rods
I have no idea how to pronounce the above name, but I can certainly vouch for the exceptional action of these rods. The super lightweight carbon blanks are remarkably soft and subtle in the tip, making them perfect for the fast growing mini species sea tactic of Light Rock Fishing (LRF). You get Fuji K guides, high- impact handles and super-fine solid carbon tips.
Price: £129.99-£149.99

Sundridge Igloo MK7 Suit
With winter on its way the new Sundridge Igloo MK7 is sure to be sought after by the predator angling brigade. This super tough garment is fully waterproof and breathable and has a very warm built-in polyester quilted lining.
Price: £129.99
Tri-Loader Barrow
To my mind the new Tri-Loader is a bit of a quirky item. Obviously it has three wheels, hence its name, but the high loading position and tilted angle are not filling me with faith in its stability, and it doesn’t look particularly strong around the rear wheel axle area either. Still, time will tell.
Price: £119.99

Saltist Sea Seatbox and Ruck Converter
What a great little idea this is. Designed for the shore or boat angler, the box has a deep base with a top tier tackle area that is quick and easy to access.
The clever Ruck Converter allows it to be carried in the rucksack position, and there’s a cushion to make the job comfortable.
Price: Team Daiwa Sea Seatbox £34.99
Ruck Converter £24.99

Saltist Lever Drag Multipliers
These new Lever Drag reels have a remarkable 7.3:1 retrieve ratio and can be set to three positions of engagement. They are best used for fish with attitude, but on the lightest setting they give you enough freedom of spool travel for tossing baits away from the boat with the reassurance of no overruns. What happens next is up to you.
Price: £299-£325