Classic trotting tactics fool huge Test roach

This 2lb 4oz roach caught by Tim Lennon is a prime example of why the River Test is regarded as one of the best venues for the species in the UK.

The 52-year-old from Ringwood adopted classic trotting tactics and tempted the specimen redfin with a piece of breadflake on a size 12 hook and 3lb hooklink fished close to the bottom where he had been feeding small balls of mashed bread and brown crumb.

He said: “There are some fantastic roach in this beat and I have witnessed them to 2lb 12oz. This particular fish came from a very narrow swim and was just 2oz short of my personal best from the river.”

**Fancy catching a 2lb roach like this? If so, Tim runs guided trips on this exclusive stretch of the Test. For more information call: 07743 484621.**