Catch Silvers At Kelsey Gardens

If you are fed up of commercial style carp puddles then why not pay the in-form Kelsey Gardens a visit this autumn for a nice net of roach and rudd. Hidden in the East Yorkshire countryside, the venue offers a more traditional style fishing experience in an area which is predominantly known as a commercial venue paradise.

There are two lakes here, the South Lake and the North Lake. The South Lake is used mainly for water sports so most anglers head to the North Lake which is dedicated for fishing only. It contains carp, bream, tench, crucians, roach, perch and rudd. The Lake is a former gravel pit, so as you would expect is has depths to suit - the majority of the lake is deep with an average depth of around 13ft. The north side of the lake has large lily beds, this being the shallower side of the lake and is probably the best at the moment for a good net of roach and rudd to 20lb. Due to the depths the feeder is a good tactic worth employing here so the venue could be a worthwhile subject if you want to improve your skills in this area as you won’t need to fish far out and species taken on it during the warmer months are mainly bigger, such as tench and bream. A simple groundbait, or method feeder with bigger, natural baits such as corn or meat are worth a try if you adopt this approach. For the rudd and roach you can’t beat loose-fed maggot on the pole, waggler or even the slider. At the moment these fish are coming shallow but as the temperatures drop the deck will be the best place to place your hookbait, at least to begin with. Alternatively, fish corn over a little groundbait for the tench and crucians in the margins.
There are also some large resident carp in the lake which can be caught on carp tactics including the bomb with boilies.

TIP: Don’t feed too heavy when using groundbait, little and often is the best tactic

Prices: £6 one rod, £8 for two, £12 for three, £1 off all prices for OAP’s
Location: Kelsey Gardens, Hariff Lane, Burstwick, E Yorks, HU12 9HU
Contact: 079739 09026,
Facilities: Toilets, catering van Wed, Sat, Sun
Rules: Barbless only, no keepnets, no tiger nuts, litter to be taken home