Calder salmon shocker

This super 21lb 8oz salmon took a liking to the freelined prawn of Joe Huck from the tiny River Calder in Cumbria.

The 29-year-old lives virtually on the banks of the 20 yard wide river and fishes it regularly, but this is the biggest salmon he has ever landed. It was beaten after a 25 minute scrap in which it jumped several times but Joe only had a few quick pictures taken before returning it swiftly to the river.

“It needed to go back as the fish are getting ready to spawn and it was far too long gone. The Calder is a spate river but the water is low and clear at the moment and I actually saw this fish take the bait, they hit it really hard and the line just tightens.  I catch them all using large hooks, 8lb line and 10lb mainline with a 9ft spinning rod because it’s such a small river,” said Joe.