Brian Cox banks 29lb 1oz linear in 3.7 Celsius

A WATER temperature of just 3.7 Celsius failed to deter this 29lb 1oz linear from feeding.

The pretty mirror fell to the rods of Brian Cox during a short session at his Stenhill Fishery in Devon.
The fish took a single hookbait just moments before Brian was due to pack up for the day.

He told Angling Times: “I was not intending to fish, but decided to stick just one rod out for a few hours while repairing one of the swims at the fishery.

“I had decided to call it a day and was ready to wind in, when for some reason I just paused for a few seconds. As I looked down at the rod a single bleep from the alarm sounded, the hanger was tight and a solid thump was felt on lifting the rod.

“After a rather short fight the carp was in the net. The successful bait was a single Marukyu Strawberry and Milk pop-up dipped in one of its new prototype dips.”

Brian added: “As the water temperature was still only 3.7 degrees Celsius, casting around with single hookbaits seems to be the best tactic over the winter period.”