Brave swim switch gets the result - a 43lb 10oz common

James Massey made the agonising decision to move off a productive spot for his final night’s fishing but was rewarded with this 43lb 10oz common.

The Nash-backed angler banked eight 20s from a Staffordshire stillwater during a four-night session but successfully gambled on finding a bigger specimen on the other side of the lake on his final night.

He said: “I did a little bit of homework beforehand and made a few visits to the lake, and I found that there were a lot of fish showing in the north-west corner.
“On my arrival on I baited three spots each with 2kg of a mixture Monster Squid, Monster Squid Black and Monster Squid Purple boilies. I also added a couple of kilos of Soluballs, just to create a bit of instant attraction.

“This brought me 10 carp, including eight 20s, in three nights, but I felt a move was needed for the last night as some of the fish seemed to have stayed over the opposite side of the lake.

“This was a difficult decision as I was constantly catching, but I felt that if my target fish was in my original swim I would have more than likely caught it by now. So I decided to move and the gamble paid off!”

James’s rigs featured 10 inches of 20lb Nash Missing Link Silt attached to size seven Fang Twister hooks.