Boosted baits produce pair of pike bests

LEWIS Gaukrodger had every reason to smile after breaking his pike personal best twice in a single session with specimens of 27lb 15oz and 26lb 6oz from a Nottinghamshire estate lake.

The biggest of the two predators set a new venue record and was fooled by the 21-year-old, Pike Angling Club of Great Britain member with a mackerel head on a simple leger rig.

He also used a float leger system with a herring hookbait to land the second twenty as well as smaller fish of 14lb 8oz and 13lb 6oz.

“This catch will really take some beating and it was by the far the best day I have ever had on the bank,” said Lewis. “Both of my baits were injected with salmon oil and the heads sprayed with red dye to improve their attraction and it worked a treat.”