Big plans for Fish O' venue

DAY ticket anglers are being asked for their input on how to improve one of the UK’s biggest commercial fishery complexes after it unveiled bold renovation plans for 2013.

Following the shock departure of former boss Cyril Brewster, the owners of Cudmore Fisheries - the home of the £30,000 Fish O’Mania final - have said that feedback via social media websites and internet forums will feature heavily in its quest to provide ‘the ultimate fishing experience for anglers of all disciplines.’

A number of investments are already being planned at the Staffordshire complex this year, including the creation of two new ‘snake-style’ lakes and a
major re-stocking programme that will benefit all of the existing day ticket and match waters.

There will be increased emphasis on specimen anglers, with large numbers of big carp set to be introduced to the popular Avoca Lake, and there has also been a reduction in day ticket prices at the award-winning complex.

“We want to focus our attentions on our customer’s views and opinions, so we are inviting fishermen to assist us through our website, as well as via Facebook and internet forums,” said a fishery spokesperson.

“This is going to be a big year at Cudmore as we’ll have new match waters, thousands of pounds of new fish, plus we have simplified the day ticket pricing with fishing on all the pools now set at £8 for two rods.

“The entire team at the fishery want the anglers to feel that they are really part of the place, and not just paying customers. We want them to feel that their opinions and ideas will be taken on board.”

To help ensure that all of the expansion and stocking plans are implemented smoothly, Cudmore bosses have hired the services of leading fisheries scientist Dr Bruno Broughton.

He said: “Cudmore is already one of the best fisheries in the UK, but it’s great to be involved with a team that still strive to better their complex and have such an emphasis on the opinions and needs of their anglers,” said Bruno.

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