Big pike shock on trout lake

A trout fishing session turned in to a memorable predator trip for Tom Rowlands with the capture of perch to 3lb 14oz and pike to over 30lb.

The Stoke-on-Trent-based postman had been invited to fish a large 750-acre midlands reservoir by a couple of friends but after a couple of unsuccessful hours for the trout he turned his attentions to the perch after spotting a large shoal of the species.

“I had a couple of pike flies in my bag so I dug out an imitation rainbow trout pattern with a size 1/0 hook as I thought that this is what the fish would be feeding on,” the 28-year-old told Angling Times. “The fish started hitting the flies straight away and in a short space of time I landed five or six perch all of which were over 3lb to a best of 3lb 14oz.

“The perch suddenly seemed to drift off so I moved the boat further along the dam wall. I’d cast my fly about 20 yards out in front of the boat and after a few minutes something took it that obviously wasn’t a perch. I hadn’t seen any pike in the area but assumed that one was responsible and it also explained the sudden disappearance of the perch.

“The fish went on a couple of longs runs before I got her closer to the boat and got a good look at what I was attached to – my legs literally went to jelly. I knew she was going to beat my old pb for the species of 21lb and was delighted to see the scales settle just a couple of ounces over 30lb.”

Shortly after returning the impressive predator he landed a second pike of 21lb 4oz.
“The potential of this water is incredible. The water quality is excellent and there is tons of weed filled with natural food. Some of the perch I saw in the water were easily double the size of the ones I caught and there must be bigger pike in there too,” he added.