Big bream after 80 night sessions

Extreme dedication eventually led to Matt Clayton catching this 15lb 10oz bream, his first fish in around 80 night sessions.

The 32-year-old from Mountsorrel has been tackling a tough Midlands reservoir where he rowed his rigs and baits out to a range of 200 yards with a boat, feeding a good helping of groundbait, casters, pellets and corn.  He latched into the slab on the third morning of a five night stint after a series of tentative bleeps on his alarms.

“I thought it might weigh 12-13lb when I netted it but it was very bulky across the back. I hadn’t seen one of these bream for two years so I was delighted. I used three rubber casters hair-rigged with a size 12 hook, a 3oz lead rig, 8lb mainline and 10lb IQ hooklength,” explained Matt, who also took another double figure specimen just days later.

It’s his second biggest bream ever, with his personal best standing at 16lb 8oz.