Big Loddon chub coaxed from undercut bank

Mark Erdwin had every reason to smile after banking this 6lb 10oz chub during a session on the River Loddon.

The Reading-based all-rounder visited a tricky stretch of the waterway that he knew held a small head of big fish and rigged up a simple low-resistance link-leger rig with two SSG shot.

Several spots were baited with a mixture of liquidised bread, maggots, casters and some freshly crushed garlic for added attraction.

After rotating the swims he started to receive a few light plucks from one which featured an undercut bank. He had to sit on his hands for an hour, though, until his tip finally thumped round as the chub fell for his lobworm and maggot cocktail.

“By keeping the rod low and by applying steady pressure I finally coaxed it out from the undercut bank. As it slipped into the net I could see the width of the fish - broad with a double chin – it looked huge,” said Mark.