Bag-Up at Patrington Haven

Hidden amongst the holidays homes of Patrington Haven Leisure Park in East Yorkshire, lies a gem of a venue which has up until now stayed under the radar of pleasure and match anglers but has started to earn a reputation as a fantastic bagging water.
Patrington Haven Lak

e is absolutely stuffed with carp but it also contains plenty of bream, roach, rudd, perch, tench and chub. Pleasure nets over 400lb are not unheard of on here but at the moment most pleasure nets are averaging around 100lb, made up of carp averaging around 2lbs.

The best way to fish this venue is by using the pole at around 8m. Put a large bed of micro pellets down via a cupping kit and fish meat and corn over the top. If you go pleasure fishing, no keep nets are allowed, so the fish come in really close to the peg. You can catch on a top-2 kit by feeding micros by hand and again fishing with meat or corn over the top or even paste when the weather is warm. You can also catch on the Method feeder or bomb and pellet further out into open water if you wish but the biggest catches are taken on the pole due to a quicker catch rate with the carp being small. The banks are built up with rocks, you can catch by fishing over these but you will need strong line due to the abrasion when you hook a fish. 
We recommend at least 0.16 diameter line for fishing down the edge, with around 14-16 elastic. For the open water, a minimum 0.14 diameter line, with a 12 -14 elastic should be enough. The action is often hectic on here so place your equipment to hand and take plenty of bait as well as spare rigs and enjoy an great days fishing.

Prices: £6.50 booked in advance
Contact: 01964 630071,
Location: Patrington Haven Leisure Park, Patrington, Hull, HU12 0PT
Facilities: Shop, toilets, parking, accommodation
Rules: No keepnets, one rod per angler, barbless only, no floating baits