Avid reveals new gear for 2014

Last week one of the most innovative specimen tackle companies Avid Carp, unveiled their new products for next season, and Angling Times popped along to Staffordshire’s Baden Hall to take a sneak preview.

The team at Avid have been working hard behind the scenes on a number of launches including their first foray in to the rod market with two different models along with dedicated spod and marker rods which we able to put through their paces. They’re also releasing a new range of hooks which, as you’d expect from the brand, are a little bit different to everything else on the market.

Here are our favourite items which we are sure will prove to be a huge hit with anglers…

These hand-built rods have 2.75lb and 3.25lb test curves making them ideal for all-round use.
Built using super high-modulus two-piece blanks, they also sport 50mm butt rings, full duplon handles and have the understated aesthetics you’d associate with a custom-build rod.
Prices: £199.99 for 3.25lb and £179.99 for the 2.75lb model.

You need a serious bit of kit to fire out spod-fulls of bait over a disance – and this rod is just the tool for the job.
Constructed from a top-of-the-range blank, it produces an incredible amount of power to propel your payload huge distances.
Price:  £249.99 rrp

Purpose-built as a feature-finding rod it is capable of casting a marker float and heavy lead long distances.
The rod has a stiff yet sensitive tip that will transmit information back through the two-piece blank allowing you to feel every variation.
Price: £249.99 rrp

If you’re looking to catch fish at range, These new DSK rods are the ones to reach for.
Designed for fishing at extreme distances, these are at the forefront of rod technology. The rods come as 12ft and 13ft models and are super-strong, incredibly reliable and will help you achieve long casting distances.
The rods boast abbreviated handles, 50mm butt rings and anti-frap tip rings.
Price: £299.99 rrp

THESE new Avid flat bed Method feeders are available in small and large body sizes, with a choice of weights from 1.5oz to 3oz.
The unique body shape has an aerodynamic design and weighted nose that allows them to fly long and straight so you can hit the spot every time.
Its quick-change system means that you can change the weight of feeder in seconds to adapt to any situation.
Prices: £3.99 for feeders, £2.99 for moulds.

THESE new hooks are finished in a non-glare green colour that helps with concealment.
There are four patterns – Long Shank, Chod, Curved Chank and Wide Gape. All of them have strength and reliability in mind and are sticky sharp to maximise hook-ups on a variety of rigs.
The hooks come in packs of 12 of sizes 4-10 and in barbed and barbless variations.
Price: £5.25 per pack.

THIS gazebo-style shelter is simply massive and is sure to find much favour with anglers who fish on the Continent.
The shelter is easy to erect and has four full-length zips on all sides that allow to attach a bivvy to create one huge complex with a central social awning. Features include four mozzie mesh sides, taped seams, groundsheet and pegs.
The shelter is 2.3m high and 3.3m wide, giving you plenty of room. That packs down into a small carry bag.
Price: £199.99

AVAILABLE in November, this is the ultimate way to store and transport your
zig rigs.
The compact box is supplied with eight zig spools that will each comfortably hold four
made-up rigs. The spools have sliders that allow you to conveniently store zigs of all lengths.
Made from watertight hard plastic, each box has a 12ins ruler so it’s easy to adjust the length of your rigs on the bank.
Each box comes
with 32 spare spool stickers for easy identification of what rigs you have ready.
Price: £14.99

CARP care is of paramount importance in today’s fishing world and this carp cradle from Avid has a fully padded exterior and interior for supreme fish protection.
The fresh design has mesh centres for better water drainage, a cover flap to temporarily secrure the fish, and is constructed with adjustable legs that makes them easy to use on uneven surface.
The sturdy, collapsible frame has a fold-flat design and is quick and simple to pack away in its supplied carry bag.
Price: £89.99

BRAID is an essential component for any feature-finding and this new line from Avid has been specifically designed to transmit every bump and knock to your hand.
With its black marks every 1ft, it’s also great for plumbing depths.
Price: £39.99 for 200yd spool