A new tench pb in 3 weeks on the Bawburgh lakes

THE phrase ‘just like buses’ certainly rang true for Steve Nunn, who just three weeks after catching his first double figure tench struck gold once again with this personal best specimen of 12lb.

The Norfolk-based all-rounder has been concentrating his efforts on the Bawburgh Lakes complex and he hit the jackpot when he found a clear spot between two weed beds at around 50 yards range.

After introducing a bed of hemp, casters and maggots, Steve cast out straight lead set-ups baited with three hair-rigged imitation casters on size 14 hooks and this was enough to produce two bites, his other tench weighing around 6lb.

“I started fish Bawburgh last year and If someone had told me that I’d have two doubles to my name by the end of June then I would have just laughed,” Steve told Angling Times.

“It was clear that that I’d hooked a really big fish, but I was in sheer disbelief when the needle of the scales flicked around to 12lb. I even had to call my mate who brought two other sets of scales down just to check that it was the weight.”