47lb common carp landed in Shropshire

THIS huge 47lb common carp was the highlight of James Hawtin’s 48 hour session on RH Fisheries’ The Avenue in Shropshire.

Casting to the top of a gravel bar at around 70 yards range the High Peaks, Derbyshire-based head chef baited the feature with a scattering of Sticky Krill freezer baits.

To ensure that his 12mm pop-up hookbait was presented effectively over the light silk weed he put his faith in a naked chod setup incorporating a size 8 Korda Choddy hook and a 15lb Mouthtrap hooklink with a 3.5oz lead.

“I’d seen a fish stick its head out over the spot so I knew there were a few carp present,” James told Angling Times. “I had a 27lb mirror the first day and then lost a fish that evening. The next day one of my rods tore off out of the blue. The fish came in easily at first but really woke up once it was under the rod tip. Thankfully it went in the net on the first attempt and on the scales it beat my previous best of 42lb.

“I joined the syndicate this year and this was only my third session so I was delighted to catch one of the lake’s bigg’uns so quickly. The venue’s biggest resident, a  mirror called Jonah, hasn’t spawned yet this year and is looking massive so I can’t wait to get back down there and have a go for it.”