39lb mirror tops thirties hat-trick

A 72 hour session on a Bedfordshire pit produced a hat trick of thirties for Wayne Albon with this chunky 39lb mirror the highlight.

Heading to an area of the lake which he knew had produced a few fish over the previous few days, the 28-year-old builder targeted a shallow gravel bar at 70 yards range.

Adopting a boilie only approach he baited the feature with 15 spods of Denham Bait Innovations Element boilies to start with and then cast matching pop-up hookbaits over the top.

Mirrors of 38lb 6oz and 30lb completed the session, and the Letchworth-based rod told Angling Times: “These were the first fish I’ve had from the venue this year. With the temperatures suddenly warming up it’s like a switch has been flicked and the fish have suddenly turned on again. I topped the spot up with a couple of spods after each fish and this seemed to keep them in the area.”

Wayne beat the trio of specimens with hinged-stiff rigs tied with an Amnesia boom section and 25lb Korda Mouthtrap attached to a size 5 ESP Stiff Rigger hook.