37lb 8oz cod taken off the Hampshire coast

THE unprecedented glut of big cod being caught from the UK coastline has continued this week with the capture of this 37lb 8oz giant.

The fish, which is the biggest to be taken from angling boats out of Portsmouth for as long as the skippers there can remember, is one of five 30lb-plus fish taken in a a golden seven-day period for the species.

It fell to the rod of Eric Binding, who set a new cod record for his local Fountain Lake Angling Club, after picking up a large double squid hookbait in 90ft of water at a mark south of the Nab area on the Isle of Wight. After a 15 minute tug of war in a strong current, skipper of the Sea Juicer, Rob Hickin, was able to net the fish.

“I honestly thought it was over 40lb, it looked a massive cod,” said Rob. “Eric was chuffed to bits. This is the biggest one from this end of the Isle of Wight for quite some time. There have been several between 30lb and 33lb recently - it’s the prime time for them,” he continued.