37lb 4oz best of seven on Farriers Lake

With  the Carp Society’s Farriers Lake fishing fairly slowly over recent weeks, Duncan Arrandale was delighted to take a seven fish haul from the venue with this 37lb 4oz common the highlight.

The 39-year-old Worcestershire-based Wychwood and Mistral Baits consultant arrived just as it was getting dark and spotted a couple of fish head and shouldering in a quiet corner of the lake.

He then wasted no time underarming two i40 pop-up hookbaits and four-bait stringers to a small clearing in the weed 20 yards from the bank which he followed up with a couple of handfuls of mixed 15mm and 20mm i40 and 4Season boilies.

“By eight o’clock the following morning I had landed four fish,” said Duncan. “I topped up the spot with bait after each bite and gradually increased the amount of bait that I introduced each time.

“The lake had been fishing particularly poorly and I was really pleased to top the 7 fish catch with an upper thirty on my first visit to the lake for several months.”

Duncan’s successful presentation consisted of a hinged-stiff rig tied with an ACE Camo Core boom section and a Korda Mouthtrap hook section attached to a size 6 Fox Arma Point SSSP hook.