30lb linear caught within seconds of casting out

TEENAGER Alfie Fossett hadn’t even had time to put his rod in its rest before one of the jewels of an Essex park lake tore off with his bait.

The ‘Double Linear’, which tipped the scales round to exactly 30lb, was one of four fish to fall to the 16-year-old’s rods during a weekend session at Priory Park Lake in Southend.
Arriving after dark on Friday, the apprentice carpenter fished tight to an island about 35 yards out and took the biggie on Sunday afternoon.

He told Angling Times: “I scattered about 50 Nash Monster Squid baits around two holes in the bushes on the island and put rods on both spots, which are quite close together.

“On Sunday I cast out the rod and was sinking the line when I felt it pull tight and saw a big bow wave coming off the island.

“I knew straight away it was a decent fish and it put up a really good fight. It came over to my left and I saw it roll and I said to my mate ‘it’s the Double Linear’.”

Alfie, from Southend, also took ghosties of 12lb and 13lb plus another carp of about 6lb during the session.

He used a Monster Squid bottom bait popped up with cork on a D-rig with a 3.5oz flat-pear lead in a clip.

He said: “It was a great result considering only two other fish came out all weekend and it’s such a good-looking fish.”