29lb pike hits the net on debut session

Fishing a 100-acre pit for the first time could be a daunting prospect but Callum Mcinerney-Riley rose to the challenge to the net this 29lb pike.

The Essex-based rod has targeted small rivers in the past for predators but decided to take the next step in his progression by heading to a huge water in the Lea Valley.

Rather than sit in one area, the BitG Carp Clothing owner and Nash consultant took a roving approach and he eventually struck gold when the predator fell for a floatfished sprat presented on a shallow bar close to an island.

Within seconds of setting the hooks he was convinced a personal best was attached and he said: “The 3.5lb tc rods bent round with ease and once I saw the head I had a mega adrenaline rush – a feeling I haven’t had in years! I usually fish for carp but maybe I’ve now found my true calling.”