28lb mirror highlight of seven fish catch

This cracking 28lb mirror was the highlight of a seven fish haul for Jake Whiting during a recent session on the Grenville syndicate in Cambridgeshire.

The local rod located a number of fish feeding on a fly hatch in an area of the lake off the back of the wind and wasting no time getting his rods out he promptly landed a fish of 22lb 13oz.

The majority of the fish were showing at range, so after a quiet night, Jake heavily baited a spot at 120yds range with a mix of chopped Mainline Hybrid boilies, hemp, grouts, sweetcorn and pellets.

“I thought the carp would be up for a feed so decided to give them a bit of food,” explained Jake.

“The move paid off and over the next couple of days I went on to land four more twenties to 28lb and couple of smaller fish. What a session! It was one I will never forget and it just shows that big beds of bait work and sometimes you just need to sit on your hands and wait for them to turn up,” he added.

Jake mounted pop-up hookbaits on Withy Pool rigs.