160lb blue shark on first outing

Barry Edwards’ first ever shark trip resulted in a series of huge blues - this 160lb specimen the highlight.

The Southend-on-Sea-based rod was in a party of four anglers which shared a total of 51 predators during two days with renowned charter skipper Andrew Allsop, out of Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire.

Barry, 45, also beat specimens of 144lb, 124lb and 110lb in his eight shark catch aboard White Water, using frozen mackerel baits over a chum slick. Previous to this the biggest fish he had caught was a 54lb conger eel.

“We took it in turns to hit runs and the first one I got turned out to be 144lb. It just carried on one long run for ages and I think I was playing it for about 40 minutes. On the second day I had a few smaller ones before the 160lb shark. And just as I was reeling the very last bait in at the end of the day I got a take from one of 110lb.”