13lb barbel on hemp from River Derwent

River angling fanatic Colin Young celebrated joining a new club by banking this 13lb 9oz barbel from the Derbyshire Derwent.

The Nuneaton-based rod has spent several seasons targeting venues such as the Trent but made the decision to start a new campaign on an Earl of Harrington’s AC stretch.

Rather than using a more common pellet attack, he put his faith in hemp – for both his hookbait and loosefeed - and hooked into the fish while targeting a snaggy swim.

“I am convinced the barbel see too many halibuts and I’ve lost count of the amount of fish that I’ve caught on small baits. I superglue six grains of hemp to the hair and fish it over a small bed of feed - and it rarely fails,” said Colin, who used 10lb mainline and a 4ft hooklink of the same strength to a size 14 hook.