Is this the UK's biggest rudd?

This is a picture of potentially the biggest rudd ever caught in the UK - a 5lb 2oz specimen that would smash the current British record out of sight.

It was caught by Adrian Cannon on a small Fenland drain in Cambridgeshire, on the opening weekend of the river season, but as he didn’t recognise the magnitude of the pristine specimen, he put it in the hands of young Adam (pictured) in order to record the capture of the would-be record breaker.

Even though Adrian’s capture dwarfs the current British record of 4lb 10oz caught by Simon Parry from a stillwater in Ireland in 2001, the fact that he wasn’t pictured with the fish and its weighing wasn’t overseen by two independent witnesses means he won’t be able to make an official claim.

Dave White, chairman of Whittlesey Angling Association, who control a great deal of fishing in the area said: “The captor sent the pictures to me and I’ve been chairman of this association since 1995 and have never seen anything like this. I don’t think there’s any question over the weight of this specimen.”