Who will be picked for England?

The week commencing July 23rd, we will finally find out who will be representing our country at the World Championships in Romania. It has been a hard fought affair, with several of England’s finest carp-angling pairs battling it out to stake a place on the plane. With several trials already carried out, Brasenose One was set to host the final trial, their last chance saloon to clinch a spot in the team.

Ian Huntingdon, part of the England management team commented: “The trial was not all about the winning team moving forward. We wanted to look closely at each individual pair and their attributes – basically what they can offer to the team. This process was all about the performance as a group of anglers who naturally fish against each other having to now communicate, via walky talkies, and work together, both prior and during the trial. As management, it would give us an insight as to who are the real team players.

“We have stressed throughout that the team is the most important part of this process. Before the trial we revealed that we are quite prepared to sacrifice any one-off individual pair’s performances, as previously advised and noted in the original invitation criteria, in favour of real team players. We will also take into consideration any specialist skills required to tackle Lacul Corbu, the championship venue in Romania.”

To make the match competitive and fair, the team of anglers was split into two groups – the blues and the greens. They fished in their pairs, as per normal. The pegging was to alternate team pairs with equal end pegs on each bank. There were then two out of the bag draws, Green or Blue team peg start positions and individual pair’s positions. 

“The two teams were composed of what we believed to be a mixed balance of anglers based on the individual expertise of fishing Brasenose 1.”
The blue team consisted of: Barry (captain) and Ben O’Connor, Jake and Dan Wildbore, Tom and Andy Maker and Rob Sutton and Harry Charrington.
The green team was made up of: Tim Fromant (captain) and Cliff Kemp, Billy Flowers and Jamie Londors, Mark Bartlett and Kev Hewitt and Kia Sanger and Jack Stamp.

The points system worked just like the World Champs itself with the lowest points scored being the winning team. It was an absolute thriller and the teams were certainly put through it as the results continued to change. The final results ended up with a victorious green team, captained by Tim Fromant – they finished with 9 points with the blues closely following on 11 points.

Kia Sanger and Jack Stamp of the green team won section A with 38.7kg, and Tim Fromant and Cliff Kemp won section B from an end peg with 76.5kg. As a result, both scored 1 point for the green team forming the backbone for the success over the blues.

Ian Huntingdon commented: “A special thanks has to go to Linear Fisheries, Roy Parsons and Korda for all their help. It’s going to be a very, very difficult decision but I look forward to working with the final team.”