Who lost a world record common carp?

The hunt is on to find the angler who unknowingly lost a world record common carp and missed out on the chance to have his name in the history books.

The discovery was made by John Lilley while fishing at the famous Rainbow Lake in France, when a fish trailing line got caught around one of his lines and after carefully playing it to the bank he discovered the snapped length of mono was attached to a colossal 91lb 4oz common.

If it had been successfully landed originally it would have broken the current world common carp record held by Markus Pelzer, an 89lb 1oz specimen known as Mary from a German gravel pit, and been the first ever common to break the 90lb barrier.

Thankfully John was able to remove the 40ft of line which the fish was trailing and return it safely.
“When we saw the immense size of the fish we decided to quickly weigh it just out of interest,” he said. “No pictures were taken as it obviously didn’t count as a capture, but I was just glad I was able to remove the offending line before any harm came to it.”

The fish is believed to have been a carp known as Eric’s Common which was last caught by 22-year-old Hertfordshire-based Ben Cooper in December 2011 at 88lb.

Although Rainbow Lake has produced two different world record mirror carp it has never actually produced a world record common. This looks set to change now, however, and there are estimated to five different 80lb-plus commons in the venue.