Uncaught monster catfish landed

A previously ‘uncaught monster’ which has been smashing up anglers at Pea Lane Fishery for years has finally been landed by venue regular Jon Boswell at a huge weight of 110lb.

Amazingly, the 44-year-old Essex-based warehouse worker managed to get the specimen predator to the bank using just a size 10 hook attached to a 10lb hooklink on to which he had mounted a 10mm pellet intended for the carp.

“I was about so start packing away so I catapulted out a few pellets and then fished my hookbait 5ft below the surface under a large float,” Jon said. “Almost straight away the float buried and I thought I’d hooked a large carp. We didn’t actually see the fish for over an hour, but when it finally broke the surface we knew it was one of the four big cats which reside in the lake. The last one to be caught was four years ago and weighed 76lb. The fish had around 10 hooks in its mouth so it’s obviously snapped a few anglers’ rigs recently.”