UK's biggest carp landed

The biggest carp in the country has been caught at a huge weight of 62lb by Danny Harmer during a 72 hour session on Elphicks Fisheries’ North Lake.

The first two days of the 26-year-old’s session passed without event and among the nine anglers on the Kent day-ticket lake, only two twenties visited the bank despite fish regularly showing.

“When we arrived my mate and I saw a huge carp crash out,” the Hastings-based builder told Angling Times. “I spent a couple of hours chucking my marker set-up around the area and eventually found a promising looking smooth spot in 10ft of water towards the centre of the lake. I then spodded out half a bucket of whole and chopped boilies, pellets and particles and cast a 15mm Mainline Cell bottom bait over the top.”

Conditions were far from ideal with cold north easterly winds blowing across the lake but at 10am on the third morning a few bleeps on his alarm turned into a steady take. “At first the fish just swam towards me and then it stayed deep for half an hour. It never even crossed my mind that it might be the lakes biggest fish and I was just hoping it would be a forty. My mate then looked in the net and told me it was the Big Girl. At this point my legs went to jelly and the whole weighing and photographing process was just a blur. It still hasn’t really sunk in that I caught the heaviest carp in the country.”

The fish smashed Danny’s previous pb of 33lb and his successful presentation consisted of a blow-back rig tied with an 8ins Korda Hybrid Soft hooklink and a size 8 Fox Arma Point SSC hook.