Two thirties in 24 hours on maggots

TIM WILKS showed the deadly power of maggots as a cold-water bait with a five-fish haul from the Monument.

The Warrington-based rod fished a one-night session on Rob Hales’ Shropshire water and banked two twenties and two thirties, topped by a new personal best in the shape of this 37lb 7oz mirror.

Fishing mag-aligner rigs in conjunction with inline maggot feeders, the 30-year-old also had a 10lb fish during his two-day session.

He said: “It was a great session. I had both twenties on the Thursday and the two thirties the following day. On both days the bites all came between 1pm and 2pm so this was obviously the feeding time.

“The biggest one fought really well and although the 31lb fish came in a bit easier it still ran me ragged in the margins.”

The brewery technician, who topped up the swim with red and white maggots about once an hour, added: “I fished mag-aligners with two or three maggots on a size-10 hook and cast 40 yards to a firm spot.

“I normally do a few sessions on the Monument in the winter when my syndicate slows down, and as soon as they allow maggots I book in. You can’t beat them!”