Two bites and two forties for Leon Bartropp

Leon Bartropp has so far managed two bites from his winter venue, and incredibly both have resulted in forties.

His latest specimen tipped the scales at 40lb 14oz and was taken from a spot tight to a snaggy tree which he baited with a new boilie on test from Sticky.

“I blanked during a two night session before Christmas and when I took the water temperature it was only 4.4 degrees,” the Sticky and Fox consultant told Angling Times. “I took the temperature again when I arrived and it had risen to 6.9 degrees which boosted my confidence.”

To make sure he extracted the hooked fish safely from the snags Leon stepped-up his tackle, presenting his hookbait on a size 6 Fox Kuro S4 XS hook with a 35lb snag leader and a safety clip lead system.