Three thirties in 12 hours

Top specimen angler, Ted Bryan, enjoyed a memorable winter carp session landing three 30lb-plus commons to 39lb 6oz from a tricky Kent clubwater which has a reputation for being almost impossible to get a bite from in the colder months.

All three of his rods were fished at 50yds range over a mix of dead red and white maggots, various flavoured 3mm Nash Fish Frenzy pellets, different sized and coloured Nash Neon Squidgee boilies, hemp and corn.

“The first day passed without event, but at 9pm on the second evening I had a take on my left-hand rod. I was on it in a flash but when I first picked up the rod I thought it was a tench as it wasn’t doing much. Suddenly it woke up and the fight was on. After a further 10 minutes I slipped the net under a very large common,” said the Nash PegOne consultant. “I called my mate who was a couple of swims down to help, and we weighed her at 39lb 6oz.”

The next morning it was his right-hand rod which produced the goods in the form of a 31lb 4oz common. “We did all the photos and within an hour and a half of returning the fish I was shocked to find myself in again. A good scrap followed and it wasn’t long before I had another common in my net, this one weighing 33lb 6oz.

Ted presented 10mm Nash Amber Strawberry pop-ups tipped with two fake maggots on simple rigs consisting of 6ins Nash Bullet mono hooklinks and size 8 Fang X hooks with a 2oz inline lead fished directly on his 12lb mainline.