Target fish landed at 51lb 4oz

On only his third session of the year Steve Day landed his target fish from an Essex stillwater at a personal best weight of 51lb 4oz.

When he arrived at the venue the local BCSG member spent over an hour with his marker rod trying to find a couple of suitable spots to fish over which he then baited with a couple of catapult pouchfuls of 16mm and 14mm MCF Hartford boilies.

“I had a couple of liners on my right hand rod so I decided to move it slightly closer in,” he told AT. “Just after first light my bobbin dropped back and then pulled up again and I quickly lifted in to the fish. At first it came in easily but then it got tangled around my other line. It was while trying to sort the mess out that I got a glimpse of the fish. I somehow managed to stay calm and once I untangled the line it was only a few minutes more before she was in the net.”